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Welcome to my humble home. I hope you enjoy your visit to this and the many myriad realms of the Multi-verse. There is always something happening here so come back often and please feel free to drop us a line anytime.

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To the Stars and Beyond 

The Seti@Home Project

Explore !

USS Pacifica NCC-72545

Bravo Fleet Forum

Join the search for ET!

The Latest News

Sovereign Class Starship in Bravo Fleet's Task force 86. Check out this cool Star Trek PBEM Game.

See what is happening in Bravo Fleet and Discuss things that are happening in the game as well as other Star Trek related topics.

BB61 USS Iowa

Grinnell Iowa USA

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Magna Roma  

NASA'a Breakthrough Propulsion Physics Program

Check out my eBay auctions for all your RPG and Gaming needs.

Visit a world where the Roman Empire never fell!
Hail Ceaser  !

See what new Propulsion techniques the Brains at Nasa are dreaming up.

EQ Traders

Official State of
Iowa Web Site

War Without End

Everything you ever wanted to know about tradeskills in EverQuest

Werid War Two

The Grinnell War Room  

Welcome to France but watch your step becuase the War got Weird and will never be the same. Fan Site for Pinnacle's d20 WWII game.

Enter the bunker and join the battle as we recreate World War II in minature.

Dirk's Werid War Two Page

Deadlands: The Great War

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A great, Printer friendly site with lots of info for Weird Wars
Classes, Campaigns, and more

World War I has erupted and the USA and CSA find themselves at war with one another yet again.

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