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Welcome to my little hole in the web. This site is mostly dedicated to the anime series "Gundam Wing" and features fanart, manga, and doujinshi from this series. There is also some of those from other anime and other topics on this site. So please enjoy your stay and tell me what you think. I crave (and respond to) all comments. Thanks and enjoy!

C&C can be sent to: thejadedmouse @ (no spaces, naturally).

note: this site is designed to be viewed in IE or NT with a 800x600 resolution. I can't promise anything pretty without that. Working on calibrating all of the pages for mac users. Most of them should work... I hope...

Also... the site has passed 3000 hits, so I drew a pic to commemorate and thank everyone for visiting!!!

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Fanart - Gundam Wing fanart
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