Life on earth is in danger, so we need to save the world.
But we cannot do it alone. We have to co-operate with anybody from any belief, race or nationality, who shares the same desire: to improve and to save the world. Yes, we can still save the world, if we try to fulfil the following conditions:

If you agree to the principles above, and if you can implement it in some or an other way in your life to spread the feeling of a brotherhood of all mankind in your surroundings, than you are ready to save the world. Because you cannot do this alone you should look to find friends who are also willing to do so, by making them known with the principles described. However because this movement is new: its start depend on you yourself !

This movement is meant for people of all religions and also for non-religious people, for people of all races, classes and all modern cultures and people of all nationalities. All members of these different ideological organisations can become a member of this world wide movement and be at the same time a loyal member of their own organisation ! We will call this new movement: "Via Lucis", that is Latin for: "The Way of Light"

If you agree and want to work in the spirit of this declaration, please let us know it by sending an e-mail to:

Or write to: Filipijnen 14
3524JN Utrecht
The Netherlands

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