Every culture has its good elements, every foreign culture and even our own culture. To maintain or preserve these good elements, means to keep the world-culture alive. Fashion of the western society can never completely replace the rich cultures of traditional peoples. All these ethnic cultures have a wide variety of styles and habits, that are not only esthetic and beautiful, but also contribute to the physical and mental health or could be future models to build important aspects of new societies or communities on. Though technological more backward, in social sense are these societies often more human than the western world. The world-culture would be very impoverished if it should lose all these cultures
From a biological point of view it is essential for the survival of mankind that the diversity of races and populations is maintained. Since climate and environment is changing, this point becomes even more important.
From a human point of view: industrialised societies have no right to threaten traditional and other societies.
We should especially help and protect peoples who are threatened, as the Aboriginals of Australia, the Papua's, the dark minorities in Asia, the Tibetans, Siberian tribes, Pygmees and Bushmen and the many black peoples of Africa such as Dinka's and Nuba's in Sudan, the Chechenyans, Albanians in Kosovo, the Indian peoples of North and South America and the ethnic minorities in all countries. Furtheron we should help all traditional religions that are persecuted in an area, that are threatened by religious fanatics of other religions or by 'state-modernists' or by commercial or criminal activities.

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