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Alcohol is a product of amazing versatility,. It will remove the stains from designer clothes,. It will also remove the clothes off your back,. If by chance it is used in sufficient quantity,. Alcohol will remove furniture from the home,. Rugs from the floor, food from the table,. Lining from the stomach, vision from the eyes,. And judgment from the mind.. . Alcohol will also remove good reputations,. Good jobs, good friends, happiness from children's hearts,. Sanity, freedom, spouses, relationships,. And mans ability to adjust and live with his fellow man,. And even life itself. As a remover, Alcohol has no equal!.

This is the story of my life ,how many people have i hurt along the way ? God only knows as i have lost count .To tell my story is to set me free from the wreckage of my past .=if you can relate to any of the above then you may need help=please call the number i have listed for you .=or , if you want it now ,try AA or some other recovery group .==

National alcohol and drug abuse hotline .


What direction will you go ?

hot line-----one day at a time

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