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We live about an hour east of Dallas on just a couple of acres. 
We started off in 2001 buying  3 unregistered pygmy does.  I got online looking for more information on their care. I came across Nigerian Dwarf goats.  I loved their flashy colors and overall appearance.  That summer we bought our first Nigerian Dwarf doe.  Eventually we sold the pygmy goats and now only have Nigerians.  We think they have a much nicer personality than the pygmies.
We have tried to buy good quality stock from some of the leading breeders.  Some of the names on their immediate pedigrees include:
(In order that we purchased them.)
JVJ, Gay-Mor, McScurry Farms, Briar Hill, Twin Creek, Artist's Eye, Steele Ballew, Chinook Winds, Piddlin Acres, Goodwood, Green Gate, Little Rascals, HBF, Lost Pines, and Lost Valley.
E-mail us with any questions or comments.

Kelli & Dave Hulsman
Here are links to Texas Caprine Club, American Goat Society and the Nigerian Dwarf Goat Association.
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