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Date: August 02,2003

No. of Shaayars: 341

No. of Nazms or Ghazals: 1810


On this page I have made an attempt to write the text in Hindi which already exists on Urdu Poetry Archive created by Nita Awatramani. She has made a tremendous effort to put the Urdu poetry on the Net. Even though I do not know Urdu but I do enjoy the poetry. So here I am trying to write it in Hindi. If you can read the heading "Shaayarii Urdu Aur Hindi kee Kavitaayen" at the top of the page in Hindi, you do not have to download the font. If you do not see that heading in Devnagari then to read this page you will need the Shusha  and Suman 01 font which can be downloaded from this site. If you find any mistakes please let me know I will appreciate it and try to correct them. As time goes by I will keep on  adding new poems. Lately I have been working on Urdu-Hindi Dictionary under the link Shabdkosh. I hope to complete it soon.Now go on and enjoy.

If you are familiar with downloading then click on the following link. If you need detailed instructions then click on the Detailed instruction link.

Download Shusha Font now.

Detailed Instructions for Downloading the Shusha Font.

Download Suman 01 Font now

Detailed Instructions for Downloading the Suman 01 Font

About Suman 01 Font  :  After using many Devnagari Fonts for many years I have analyzed the shortcomings of those fonts. By creating Suman 01 Font,  I have tried to remove all those shortcomings e.g. for punctuation marks have to goto Alt keys, not enough "Samyukt Akshar" etc. I have tested this font for sometime now and I am pretty confident that you will like it as well. It is very easy to use and the Key Mapping is very easy to memorize. I have decided to keep no copyright on this font or the Key Mapping (which I call Suman Keyboard). If you like it, you are welcome to freely distribute among your friends. Please do not sell this font. I HAVE CREATED THIS FONT FOR THE EASE OF THE DEVNAGRI USING PEOPLE FOR FREE USE.

------Suman Kumar Ghai

Special Thanks to:

Inspiration : Urdu Poetry Archive

Font: Bharat Bhasha for Shusha Font

Please visit my other site Shri Ramcharitmanas if you are interested in reading it in Devnagari with Hindi explanation of the verses.

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