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Dave Cousins @ The Red House in Syracuse NY 2006


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The Strawbs have many new cds out that can be found on the main strawbs site here strawbsweb I haven`t kept this site updated too often in the last few years,because Dick Greener`s site has anything you could want to know or find out about the Strawbs,but I will keep this site and update it now and then. I would appreciate any visitors signing my guest book especially if you are into The Strawbs as they are one of my favorite bands .The Strawbs have had alot of great musicians come and go ,Rick Wakeman played on a couple of Lps and Blue Weaver was on a couple too he was every bit the keyboard player that Wakeman was as far as I`m concerned,he`s back with them now and still rocking.There was also John Mealing and Robert Kirby,both excellent keyboardists.Chas Cronk who was a major song writing partner with Dave Cousins on the last few Strawb Lps of the 70`s Deep Cuts and Burning for You, Cronkdid some great work and played a mean bass,Brian Willoghby took over for Dave Lambert in the late 70`s and is a great guitarist ,and has an excellent solo CD as can be seen on my Strawb Lp covers page.Hudson and Ford on drums and bass are excellent players as well and Ex drummers Rod Coombes and Tony Fernandez. Everyone that`s been in The Strawbs has proven to be more than capable musicians.The Strawbs are a band that should be heard if you haven`t heard their music give it a listen ,it`s some of the best ever made.It was brought to my attention that I didn`t make any mention of Hero And Heroine,I used to hate that LP I didn`t give it a fair chance though,I had played it once and just didn`t get into it so a couple of weeks ago after being told how great the LP was I bought The CD and gave it a listen .It`s really an ass kicking disc it was as good as Hearing a new Strawbs album for me because I was totally unfamiliar with it it is a favorite disc of mine now ,all thanks to Al for signing my guest book .Thanks AL!I never would have given it another listen without him praising the disc so highly and for that I am grateful.I have added a link to a really interesting interview with Dave Cousins about the Strawbs ,Dave Cousins and Brian Willoughby playing together ,the break up of the Bursting at The Seams Line up and alot of other interrsting stuff click on my Dave Cousins interview link in my link section, then click on the Strawbs link.

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If anyone wants to get Brian Willoughby solo cds here`s a link to his site ,there is a new cd out and another coming from BrianBrian Willoughby
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