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Welcome to STHREE, a webring for Indian Ladies on the Net.
STHREE is a webring featuring personal homepages made by Indian Ladies. It is the first to focus on the webpage creating talents of Indian Ladies. It strives to encourage Indian Ladies of any age to feel proud of their HTML, writing or graphic creations. If you are a Indian Lady & you want to support this webring, read on for further details.


To join STHREE

  • Requirements
    • You must be female (sorry Guys!).
    • You must be an Asian Indian or someone who's interested in Asian Indian Culture and Traditions.
    • You must have a homepage which must be made by YOU and you alone. No Under Construction pages please.
    • You must have a nice homepage with more than just a bunch of links and a guestbook.
    • Your homepage must have reasonably good content and design.
    • There must be some kind of "female" content, bio or input on your homepage.
    • Your site must be in English or have an English version.
    • Your site must be family friendly. This means no profanity, nudity or any such offending material or links to such sites should be found on your page.
    IMPT: The WebRing Mistress reserves the right to reject, refuse or remove any site from the WebRing if it is not inline with the above rules.

  • How to Join
    • First fill up an online form after which you'll be added to the WebRing Queue.
    • Then add the HTML code fragment or SSNB Code
    • This webring is on AutoManagement therefore your site will appear on the Ring's Hub page once it passes the Navigation Bar test.

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