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Version 3.1 of War on Lithon is now available! If you have any questions about this or anything on my site feel free to e-mail me. Well, thanks for coming to my site! Come again soon!


Hello thank you for visiting my site. My name is Sean, and this is my domain. Hence the title. I have provided links for you on the right for easy navigation of my site.

I just decided this week that I should look through some of the links that I have on this front page, inorder to weed out any that are out-of-date or just don't work anymore. In doing so, I created an area near the bottom of the page that contains links to sites I enjoy, and think you might enjoy as well.

This includes two webcomics I started reading in the past few months, MegaTokyo and Red String. If you are interested in Original English Manga (OEM), you are sure to enjoy both of them. So, I would suggest you go check them out immediately.

I hope you enjoy your stay here. Please come again!

See ya!

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