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Welcome to to my website! I am SSVegeta14 and this here is my Dragonball Z webpage. I fill this site with all of this DBZ information I can find on the internet, so feel free to look around. And feel free to Sign My Guestbook! NOTICE: This site might take a while to download depending on your modem and computer speed. So just wait a minute to be amazed! Thanks for reading! Sincerely, SSVegeta14.
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Original Dragon Ball airing at 5:00 and 5:30 pm on Cartoon Network
New episodes of DBZ currently airing on the Cartoon Network at 6:00 pm.
Movie #5 expected in January 2002, #6 to follow shortly thereafter. #5 will not be released theatrically, #6 unlikely.
Infogrames/Wizard Works is currently producing the upcoming DBZ games. First game is "The Legacy of Goku" for Game Boy Advance. Due before Christmas 2001.


Dragon Ball Z Frieza: Desperation (9/18/2001)
Frieza: Super Saiyan Goku (10/16/2001
Babidi: Descent (10/2/2001)
Babidi: Battle Royal (10/2/2001)
Babidi: The Dark Prince Returns (10/30/2001)
Babidi: Rivals (10/30/2001)

Dragon Ball Tournament: Semi-Finals (10/23/2001)
Tournament: The Final Test (10/23/2001)
Dragon Ball Z Babidi: The Dark Prince Returns (9/25/2001)
Babidi: Rivals (9/25/2001)


Dragon Ball Graphic Novel: Vol. 6 (September 2001) Part 4, #3 (10/5/2001)
Dragon Ball Z Graphic Novel: Vol. 6 (October 2001) Part 4, #11 (10/12/2001)


[Dragonball]Hello and welcome the my webpage, I am SSVegeta14 and I have created "SSVegeta14's DBZ Archive's". I have been working on this site for a very looong time, but it was worth it. Here in this site I have all the information I could find on the internet here on the webpage.
[Dragonball]Right now my web site is under some serious development right at the moment. So check out the Recent Updates right below to see which pages are up and running. Enjoy!

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Son Goku Ages-Want to know the ages of all the DBZ characters from the show? Then visit this page!
Battle Guide-Need to know Battles, Powerlevels, Deaths, Budoukais, or Red Ribbon Army Ranks? Then click onto Battle Guide!
Character Biographies-Want to know every character from A to Z, First Appearances, English/Japanese Names, Hair Guide, Race List, Technique List, and Voices. Then go visit Character Bios.!
DBZ Video Games-Need to know about every DB/DBZ/DBGT video game that is out? Then visit DBZ Video Games!
DBZ Timeline-Want to know every event that happened in Dragonball, Dragonball Z, or Dragonball GT? Then go visit DBZ Timeline!
Family Tree-Need to know who is related to who? Then click onto Family Tree!
Piccolo Encyclopedia-Want to know every object their is from DB/DBZ/or DBGT? Then go visit the Encyclopedia!
Factiods-Need to know anything about Akira Toriyama, the Dragonballs, Important Numbers, Red Ribbon Army Ranks, Sightings of DBZ character's names? Then click onto Factiods!
Factiods-Need to know anything about Akira Toriyama, the Dragonballs, Important Numbers, Red Ribbon Army Ranks, Sightings of DBZ character's names? Then click onto Factiods!
FAQ-Don't understand anything and want to know more information on Dragonball Z? Then go Visit FAQ! (Facts Aand Questions)
Map-Ever wonder what the DBZ world looked like on a map? Then go click onto Map!
Music Lyrics-Ever wanted to know the lyrics to the Japanese DBZ songs? Then go visit Music Lyrics!
Son Gohan Saga Archives-Need to know what's going to happen in the next saga and can't wait for it to come out on video? Then go visit Saga Archives!
Symbols-Want to know what those symbols mean on the character's clothing? Then go visit Symbols!
TV Schedule-Got to know when Dragonball Z is going to be on? And when? Then go to TV Schedule!
Animated GIF's-Want to see some Animated GIFs of your favorite Dragonball Z characters? Then go visit Animated GIFs!
Desktop Themes-Need a new DB/DBZ/ or DBGT theme for your desktop of your computer? Then click onto Desktop Themes!
Episodes-Want to watch full length japanese or english Dragonball/Dragonball Z/Dragonball GT Episodes? Then go to Episodes!
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Gotenks Game's-Need something to do? How about playing some Dragonball Z games!
Icon Gallery-Need some icons for your website? Then go click onto the Icon Gallery
Image Gallery-Need to get some Dragonball Z Screen Shot's, Image Scans, Cells, Wallpaper, or Manga? Then go straight to the Image Gallery!
Movie Clips-Don't want to wait for an episode to download but want to watch a favorite scene? Then go to Movie Clips!
Music Vault-Want to listen to some Dragonball Z music or MIDI's? Then go visit the Music Vault!
Music Video's-Want to watch some neat Dragonball Z music videos that other people have made? Then go visit Music Videos!
Screen Savers-Need some Dragonbal Z screen savers for your computer? Then go to Screen Savers!
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Vegitto DBZ Merchandise-Want to get some Dragonball Z cards, toys, shirt's, and etc. Then go to DBZ Merchandise!
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Fan Fiction-Interested in Dragonball Z stories made by other people? Then go visit Fan Fiction!
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Recent Updates


-I finally got the Games page up and running! You can now download free emulators of DBZ games from the Nintendo and Super Nintendo game console.


-I now have the Factiods page up and running! It's a real good source of information on Akira Toriyama, the 7 Dragonballs, DBZ Sightings, Important Numbers, and Red Ribbon Army Rankings! Just click to it from the "Site Directory" from above!!


-I now have the Battle Guide page up! It alos took me awhile to get done, it's it's real valuable information! If you need to know Battle events, Bodukias, Character Deaths, Powerlevels, or Red Ribbon Army Ranks.Then go visit this page under the information bar!


-I finally got the Episodes page up!!!! I can't believe it! It took me forever! Now you can download Full and Short Dragonball Z Episodes for FREE!! Just click on episodes!


-I just got the Music Video's page just up! It contians music videos that other people have created, they're really cool to watch! It's located right below the multimedia bar.
-I also just added the Animated GIF's page! Now you can see all the different animated gifs of your favorite dbz character's!


-I got the Encyclopedia page up! It a great source of description of all objects from Dragonball, Dragonball Z, Dragonball GT.
-I just got the Saga Archives up and running. So now you can read about what happens in the Dragonball/Z/GT shows instead of waiting for the episodes to come out on T.V.! ^_^


-I just got the Music Vault going! Now yo ucan listen to Dragonball Z music and MIDI's while you surf the net!
-I now have the TV Shedule page up and running now. So you can go watch DBZ whenever it's on!
-I now have the Timeline's page up and running. Now you can read all the information of place and event's that took place from Dragonball to Dragonball GT.
-I just got the desktop themes web page up and running. Now you can download free Dragonball, Dragonball Z, and Dragonball GT desktop themes for your own computer!


-I just got the Music Lyrics page up and running! It is located under the information section from the menu. These lyrics are very helpful if you don't understand those Dragonball Z japanese songs.
-I have just added the screen saver's page, so no that page is working. You can now download some real cool Dragonball Z screen savers!


-I got the symbols page up, it contains the Dragonball symbols throughout the series and tells the meaning for each symbol.
-I finally got the Ages page up and going! That page took the longest so far. But hopefully it's worth it. -I got the Map page done! If any visitors want to check it out they should, it's pretty cool!
-I just added some real nice background music to this site. It takes a while to download but to any japanese freak it's worth it! The song is from when Gohan first turns SSJ2 in the japanese version of that episode.
-I finally got this homepage structure done! I have just added my anime guestbook, and a page that actually works! Go see the Family Tree page if you want to see all the people from the series Dragonball and Dragonball Z. The page shows how everyone is related, it looks pretty cool.


-I just started on this homepage, nothing is really happening yet. I guess you people will have to wait and see until this site is done.

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