CB Lingo

CB Lingo

What it means

Ace An Important CB'er.
Advertising State Highway Patrol with lights on.
Apple A CB addict.
Back Over; back to you.
Back door Rear of vehicle, last vehicle.
Back down Slow down.
Back out Stop transmitting.
Bad scene A crowded channel.
Ballet dancer An antenna that really sways.
Barbershop A low overpass.
Barefoot CB set output signal not additionally amplified.
Base station CB set operated from a fixed location.
Beam Type of directional antenna.
Bear Policeman, State Highway Patrol.
Bear bait Leading a group of CB'ers.
Bear cave Police station or post on highway.
Bear in the air Highway patrol flying overhead.
Bear meat Vehicle not equiped with CB.
Bear report Where are Highway Patrol?
Bear taking pictures Radar.
Bears wall to wall Many "bears".
Beast A CB rig.
Beat the bushes Finding the "Bears."
Be-bop Radio control signals.
Beer tone An intermittent tone signal.
Big Daddy, Big Brother Federal Communications Commission (FCC).
Big switch Turn off the CB set.
Big 10-4 Acknowleged with enthusiasm.
Bleeding Interference from a nearby CB channel.
Blessed event A new CB rig.
Blow the doors off Pass on the highway.
Boardwalk A bumpy road.
Boast Toasties A CB expert.
Bob tail Tractor without trailer.
Bodacacious Good signal, clear transmission.
Bootlegger Unlicensed CB'er.
Boulevard Interstate highway.
Boy scouts State Police.
Braker broke May I use this channel?
Break I'd like to break in, interrupt.
Break one-oh Also, "break 10"- I want to talk (on channel 10).
Breaker CB'er who asks to use a channel.
BTO Big Time Operator.
Bug out To leave a channel.
Bushels One-half ton; 20 ton load would be 40 bushels.
Buttermilk Any kind of beer.
Camera Radar unit.
Can Shell of a CB set.
Cartel A group hogging a channel.
Catch Talk to.
Cell block Location of base station.
Chain gang Members of a CB club.
Channel 25 Telephone.
Charlie The FCC.
Chicken coop Truck weigh station.
Chopped top Short antenna.
Chrome dome Mobile unit with roof antenna.
Clean No Highway Patrol around.
Clean cut Unmodified rig.
Clear Out, final transmission.
Coffee break Unorganized CB social gathering.
Come again Return call, repeat.
Comeback Return call.
Come on Over, you may transmit.
Comic books Truckdriver's log book.
Container Chassis and shell of Cb rig.
Corn flakes Consolidated Freightways truck.
Cotton picker Used instead of four letter words on air.
County Mounty County sherrif or highway patrol.
Covered up Interferred with.
Cowboy Driver constantly changing lanes at high speed.
Cradle baby CB'er afraid to ask for standby.
Cub scouts Sherrif's men.
Curly locks Coils on a CB rig.
Cut out To leave a channel.
Cut the hoax Turn off CB set.
Daddy-o The FCC.
Darktime Night.
Despair box Box where spare CB components are kept.
Dirty town New York City.
Do it to it Accelerate vehicle.
Don't tense Take it easy.
Ears CB set.
Ears on CB radio turned on.
Eat-um-up Truck stop cafe.
Eighteen wheeler Diesel truck, all semi-trailer trucks.
Eights, eighty-eights Goodbye (from amateur radio 88's meaning love and kisses.)
ERS Emergency Radio Service.
Eyeball Face to face meeting.
Fat load Overload, more wieght than local state law allows.
Feed the bears Get a ticket.
Final Last transmission.
Fingers A channel hopping CB'er.
Five-five Speed limit, 55 miles per hour.
Flappers Ears.
Flip flop Trucker's return trip.
Fog lifter Interesting CB'er.
Four Abbreviation of 10-4.
Four-ten 10-4, emphatically.
Four wheeler Passenger car.
Fox Charlie Charlie The FCC.
Friendly Candy Company FCC.
Front door Lead rig in convoy.
Fugitive CB'er operating on different channel than the favorite.
Geological survey CB'er looking under his set.
Getting out Being heard.
Going horizontal Going to bed.
Glory card Class D license.
Gone Final transmission or switching to another channel.
Good Buddy Another CB'er.
Goon Squad Channel hoggers.
GP Ground Plane type antenna.
Grab bag Illegal hamming on CB.
Grass Median strip or side of road.
Green stamp road Toll road.
Green stamps Dollars, money paid in fines.
Hag feast Group of female CB'ers on channel.
Hammer Accelerator.
Hammer down Driving fast.
Hamster One who "hams" on CB.
Handle Slang names often used instead of call letters.
Happy number An S-meter reading.
Harvey Wallbanger Reckless driver.
Henchmen Group of CB'ers.
High gear Use of transmitter power amplified.
Holler Call.
Home twenty At home.
Hound men Policemen looking for CB'ers using rigs while mobile.
How about? Calling.
How am I hitting you? Are you receiving my trasnmission?
Hung up CB'er who can't leave set.
Idiot box Television set.
In the grass Parked or pulled over on median strip.
Invitations Traffic tickets.
Jamboree Gathering of CB'ers sponcored by CB club.
Junvenile Delinquent Someone pretending to be a trucker.
Keep antenna side up, rubber side down Have a safe trip.
Keep your nose between the ditches and Smokey out of your britches Drive safely and look out for speed traps.
Kenosha Cadillac Any car made by AMC.
Keyboard Controls of a CB set.
Keyed Pressing the micrphone button.
Landline Telephone.
Lay an eye on See.
Let the channel roll Let others break in and use the channel.
Linear Extra power amplifier used to increase CB transmitter output.
Local Smokey, Local Yokel City police officer.
Mail Overheard conversation (i.e. reading the mail.)
Make the trip? Is my transmission being received?
Mercy, Mercy sakes An exclamation.
Mile markers Small signs along interstate highways.
Mix-master Highway cloverleaf.
Mobile CB set mounted in a vehicle.
Modulate To talk with.
Monitor Emergency assistance, Channel 9.
Moth ball Annual CB convention.
Motor City Detroit, Michigan.
Move In motion.
Negative, negatory No.
Negative contact Station being called failed to respond.
Negative copy Did not hear responce by station called.
OM Old man - CB'er.
On the move Driving, moving.
On the side Parked or pulled over on the shoulder.
One eyed monster Television set.
One time For a short contact.
Other half Husband or wife.
Over shoulder Behind.
Panic in streets Area being monitored by FCC.
Pass the numbers to you Best wishes to you.
Peanut butter in your ears Not listening, can't hear.
Penman CB applicant who has filled out FCC forms.
Pickum-up Light truck, pickup truck.
Picture machine Radar.
Picture taker Radar.
Plain wrapper Police car with no markings.
Play dead Stand by.
Politz-eye The police.
Pounds Number on S-meter indicating output. S-3 is three pounds, etc.
Pregnant roller skate Volkswagen.
Prescription FCC rules.
Pull the big one Signing off for good.
Put the good numbers on you Threes and eights: best regards.
Putting on Strength of signal.
Put the pedal to the metal Accelerate.
Q-bird An intermittant tone generator.
Radio check Reception.
Rake the leaves Back door or last vehicle in a string.
Ratchet jaw Non-stop talker.
Read Hear.
Rest-um-up Roadside rest area.
Rig CB radio, also tractor.
Riot squad Neighbors with television interference.
Rocking chair Vehicle between two CB vehicles.
Roger I acknowlege.
Roger ramjet A speeding car.
Roger roller skate Passenger car going more than 20 milers per hour over the speed limit.
Roller skate Small car.
Rolling parking lot Automobile transport.
Savages CB'er who hogs the channel.
Scatterstick Vertical antenna with ground plane.
Seat covers Occupants of passenger car, usually attractive females.
Set of dials CB rig.
Seventy three Best regards.
Shake the leaves See whats ahead.
Shakey Town Los Angeles, California.
Shim To illegally soup up a transmitter.
Short-short Soon.
Shout Call.
Ski, short skip Atmospheric conditions that permit contacts from a long distance.
Slaughter house Channel 11.
Slave drivers CB'ers that take control of a channel.
Slider An illegal VFO (variable frequency oscillator.)
Smokey "Smokey the Bear" - police.
Smokey on four legs Mounted police.
Smokey with ears Police listening on a CB.
Snooperscope An illegally high antenna.
Sonnet A CB'er who advertises products on the air.
Souped up A rig modified to run illegally high power.
Stack them eights Best regards.
Stepped on you Another CB'er transmitted at the same time.
Stroller CB'er with walkie talkie.
Struggle Trying to "break" a channel.
Sucker A CB rig on the service bench.
Sunbeam A CB'er who livens the channel with witticisms.
Sweeping leaves Bringing up the rear.
SWR Standing Wave Radio.
Taking pictures Radar operated speed indicator.
Tearjerker A CB'er who always cries the blues.
Tennesee Valley Indians TVI - television interference.
Ten roger I acknowlege.
Thermos bottle Tanker truck.
Thin A very weak signal.
Thin man A CB'er with a weak carrier.
Thirty three 10-33, this is an emergency.
Thread Wires in a CB rig.
Threes on you Best regards.
Threes and eights Heavy regards.
Throwing Transmitting.
Ticker tape FCC rules.
Ticks The minutes (each tick is 60 seconds.)
Tijuana taxi Well-marked police car.
Tin can CB rig.
Tooled up A souped up rig.
Train station Traffic court that fines everybody.
Trip Strong signal.
Turkey call Intermittent tone generator.
Twenty Ten-twenty, location.
Twin pots A CB'er who has two sets from the same manuafacturer.
Two way radar Radar used from moving police car.
Two wheeler Motorbike; motorcycle.
Ungowa Bwana Okay.
Walked all over Overpowered by a stronger signal.
Wall to wall Peg full scale on S-meter; loud and clear.
Warden The wife (or husband) or the FCC.
We gone Stopping our sending, will listen.
Wheels The mobile unit.
Weirdy A home-made CB rig.
Willy Weaver A drunk driver.
Windjammer A long-winded CB'er.
Window wash A rainstorm.
Wrapped loaf A CB rig in its original carton.
Wrapper Paint job on car.
XYL Ex-young lady; wife.
YL Young lady.
You got copy on me? Do you hear me?
Youngville Young children using the channel.
Zoo Highway patrol headquarters.


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