Welcome To Carlie/Sarol's Home Page!!
It's Peter in a skirt! And no matter WHAT he says, it IS a skirt, NOT a sweatshirt! (Look at the picture for crying out loud!) Thank's for being such a good sport Peter... :o)

Sarol's Newsie Fan Page

Dedicated to Newsies, the BEST movie out there.

Adventures in Straightjackets

Carlie's Stories
Just what it sounds like- a page with all my stories. (Nice original title, huh?)

My Xanga Site

My online journal! So if your bored, you can go read it! Or something.

The Results Are In!
A million quiz results, so you can find out who (or what) I am, and find out about yourself, too!

Everything You Could Possibly Want To Know About Me
You want to know about ME? I'm flattered.

Contact Me
Email, instant messenger, etc. Just in case you're really bored.

Misty's Site
Yay! Check this out! It is "Raven's" totally raucous website! And I'm even on it! Yeah baby!
That's me! I got bored so I made lots of dolls. Click on that one to see them.
Ya'll come back now, ya hear?
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