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All Animation and Modeling created using software.

Updated as of June 30, 2002
Holly smoke it's been a long time since I've updated this site.
Sorry for the long absence but I've had a hard time finding time.
I've put up a new web site that you can find here:
There's more animation (mostly older stuff) and some drawings as well.
The site was originally launched in December of 2001.
It's still under construction so not all the links will work.

Updated as of March 4, 2001
Well I put a Link page up and added
a short tutorial. Look for it further down the page.
Sorry no new animation has been added.

Updated as of November 18, 2000
Big News:
I've finally landed my dream job as an Animator at Pixar Animation Studios!
Needless to say the move to the Bay Area has kept me real busy,
and that's my excuse there's been nothing new added.
I'll try to put up a links page soon.

Hello and welcome to my web site.
The main focus of this site is Character Animation and maybe some
Character Modeling examples when and if I get around to it.
As you can see it's still under construction but you will find some downloadable
media files in the Character Animation section.
If you have any comments, questions or suggestions for my web site feel
free to email them and I'll see what I can do.
Thanks for visiting.

CHARACTER ANIMATION Character Animation Section media samples: mpg's & quicktime

pictures of characters Character Modeling Section CHARACTER MODELING

TUTORIAL ONE Tutorial One modeling for lip-sync

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