Sport Special

The 1969 Sports Specials Cougars have a particular option package, but when Lincoln-Mercury Division introduced the term in '69, it actually referred to a series of unique option groups, ranging from a simple appearance package to the 69 Eliminator.

The Sports Specials option, which allowed buyers to upgrade their Cougars with five model/equipment combinations. The turbine wheel covers, remote control left-side mirror, the red, white, or black body pin stripe, E78 X 14 WSW tires and perhaps the best known feature of the Sports Specials are their unique curb moldings. However, a Cougar with Sports Special curb moldings is not necessarily a Sports Special Cougar. These specail moldings were also sold at dealerships as an add on option over the counter.
It is difficult to provide a factory Sports Special production figure because so many of them were "built" at dealerships as a add on option. The CCOA database lists around 24 Sport Special Cougars at this time, with the Sports Special equipment options. If you have additional documents or data pertaining to the Sports Special option packages and would like to share your information with me or Bruce Wallace,, please send a e-mail, because we would love the information.

1969 Cougar Sport Special
You can see the Sport Special Rocker Molding, not found on other Cougars.

1969 Cougar Sport Special
You can see the Sport Special Rocker Molding, not found on other Cougars, and the remote racing mirror.

1969 Cougar Sport Special PinStrip
The pinstrip follows along the lower body line on the 69 Cougar,
The pinstrip is 1/2" to 3/4" above the lower body line, and follows the whole length of the car.

1969 Cougar Interior
My 69 Cougar Sport Special has the standard interior.

1969 Cougar Sport Special Turbine Wheel Covers

1969 Cougar Sport Special Rocker Molding
The rocker molding is a louvered design with a unique bullet shaped reversed air scoop head.

Cougar Sports Special Equipment Package Includes:

WSW E78X14 W/T Tires
Racing Mirror Remote Control
Turbine Wheels Covers
Mid-Body Paint Stripe
Unique Curb Molding
Package Price $95.90
Total Vehicle Price $3200.00

The Cougar Club of America has started a registry for the '69 Sports Special. The registrar, Bruce Wallace, is *very* interested in collecting information, including copies of documentation, on all Sports Specials. So, if you haven't already been in touch with Bruce, please drop him a line at

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