The car's distinctive features -- its grille and concealed headlights, sequential turn signals, prominent side body indentations, curved roofline and V8 only power plant -- made it an instant hit and gave the vehicle a very distinct predator look and feel! Mercury made a few changes to the 1968 Model for the following year. The big change came under the hood with the 427 and 428 cid engines. This gave the real growl to the Cat! Mercury tinkered with the Cougar's body and grille design in 1969 and 1970, but made no significant changes to the car's basic appearance. 1969 was the first year the Cougar was offered with the convertible option, I personally think it is the best looking car found on the road of its day.

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70 Eliminator

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The Cougar Club of America (CCOA) is attempting to register all remaining 1967-1973 Cougars, living or dead, into a Cougar database. This database includes all Cougars ... from concourse restorations to project cars and those in junkyards and even those that have been parted out. THIS IS NOT A SHOWCAR REGISTRY! We hope to use the information to help restorers, identify production trends and learn other helpful details about Cougar history. Note: a new database has been created for 1974 to present day Cougars.

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