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Nostalgic Roses

 Something sweet and nostalgic urged Lisa to smell the roses near the fence. They were an assortment of colours and she couldn't decide which kind was more beautiful. Slowly she leant over to appreciate the scent of a long stemmed pink rose. It's petals were sprinkled with raindrops which glistened in the sun. Suddenly her memory was captured by it's armoire. Something about it was so familiar. Strangely enough she recalled being in the very same area not long over 2 years ago. Except this time she had company.It was the day Simon asked her out. His eyes were bright with excitement and it was obvious how nervous he was. With ease she knew why those roses brought back this memory. Simon wasn't much of a romantic, he never had been. Today was different though! He was making a big effort, she could tell. In his left hand he produced a amazingly spectacular white rose. Weakly handing it to her he smiled. "Will you go out with me"? A question she never thought would pass his lips directed at her. After thinking it through for only 4 seconds she smiled and embraced him. Nothing else was needed to be said. Still confirmation would be reassuring. "Yes", she exclaimed in a shy but happy voice.

By Katrina


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