My 1967 Ford Mustang

Here it is my 67 Mustang, this car is very special to me because it used to be my Grandfathers. He had bought the car brand new in the fall of 1967. I've had this car for some time now but haven't done a whole lot with it yet. When I first got the car it needed brakes and tires real bad, the tires on the car had studded re capes F78-14 on it, and the front brake were down to the brass rivets. My Grandfather didn't use the car very much after 1979 when he retired, so there was no reason to to keep up on the maintance on it. The only time the car was ever driven was if a member of the family needed it or if he had problems with his Oldsmobile.

67 Mustang Front View

Everything on the car is original, The only things that I can remember doing to the car was taking it to have a muffler put on it, my Grandfather and I replaced the carb. once, and if I remember right the car went through its fair share of batteries ( because it sat so much ). The car still runs strong but smokes like a B. It has a small rod knock when you first start it, but I still start it up every couple months and set off all the smoke detectors in the house.

67 Mustang Side View

As you can tell the car has very little rust. the car was kept in the garage all the time. It is still kept in a garage just another garage. The interior is in mint shape, the carpet is in need of being replace, I think it just roted out from being old. As with the T-Bird I plan on keeping the car original, I like these old Fords just the way they were. I might spruce up the 289 cid a little not a lot though.

67 Mustang Rear View

I've got the itch to start working on this car again. Wife said I'm gonna have to sell one of the toys before I start on it, so the T-Bird is up for grabs. Check out my homepage for details.

This page is dedicated in loving memory of my Grandparents

Nana & Popa Two of the nicest people
Nana and Popa

William E Morris & Harriet W Morris

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