The happiest day of my life January 27,1973 Saturday morning at around 12:30 A.M. at Charlotte Douglas Municipal Airport

Hill 754


My mom is Gerrie Cooper Wife of Robert Cooper.She was retired from bellsouth with 43 years service,she passed away July,24,1998.

We miss them both . But we salute all the soldiers that have fought for the United States of America, and to all the hard workers that made this country FREE! I am the soldier with the uniform on My name is Randy J. Cooper My younger brother is on the left he has inspired me to do this web page.

Pete Eury

United States Army

Nagasaki Japan and Bremerhaven Germany

World War I

Desert Storm

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.Paul Anthony DaNang, Vietnam.

Veteran 6924th SS "Tigers" (Danang, Ramasun, Hawaii) are welcome to gather during the FTVA picnic (look for our signs) to begin planning for our first reunion, which we intend to hold coincident with the FTVA 2001 reunion.  Our first formal reunion will have as its theme a memorial/remembrance for A1C Paul W. Anthony, the only direct 6924th casualty of hostile fire, killed by a VC rocket at 2:00 AM, April 8th, 1970.  We will be gathering names, addresses, phone numbers, email addresses, in preparation.  If you served with the 6924th, please advise and identify others we might add to the list.  If FTVA members, just the names will suffice.  Send to JOE BOHREN at email  or call (813) 837-0711.   Keep an eye on this web page for updates as they are known. Contact GIL at the "EMAIL ME" button on this page to join the website where all the photos and stories reside. 

Pauls Dad

Tom Cooper on The Fighting Lady" YORKTOWN

War Between the States

My Great Grandfather and My Uncle Starks.


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Thanks Ted Williams

Hero Site

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Randy Cooper

December 29,1971

Happy 21st.Birthday

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Do not forget the past,or repeat it!

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