Genesis links can be found in all pages, so, I am going to put just the ones I use more often, or that I think that can lead to find more links, otherwise this would be a craziness!!

There are also links to web places of friends and people I appreciate, so if you have time, it would be nice from you to pay a look :-) I recommend them to all of you.


At last, we got a Genesis Official Site. It works ok. There's plenty of information there, as well as a Genesis forum to discuss about past, present and future (I hope!) of Genesis:

 The Genesis Talking Shop

There are lots of useful links, as well. Very complete page.

Most of us we know "The Way They Walk" site, run by Gary Best.  It is constantly updated with info regarding to Genesis and solo members.  Lyrics, links, bios... Very useful site. Anytime I want to look for any lyric I go and check Gary's site!

I have mentioned Simon Funnell's site previously, but I must include it here. What would we do us, poor fans without the devoted work from Simon? Artwork, news, complete list of bootlegs. I have always thought he's doing more for us than Genesis themselves!!  Anything you want, you got it there. I must add, that I have the pleasure of having personally met him, and taken the tube with him in London. He's a good guy "in person" .

Have you ever thought on putting a Genesis WINAMP skin?  You're lucky!  A very kind american guy named Jim Wiora is our man! He has designed some cool ones. You can find them at his site, as well as his pictures from the Duke concert.

You're lost. You don't know what you're looking for. You only want to check which info is available on the net. Do not worry!  The organised Howard Blecher has done a good job. In his site everything is sorted by type of info you're searching.

This site has a hard trouble, it's in czech... I've told his owner, Marty Sejba if he could arrange so any day, but it seems there's lots of work to do.  If you put a bit of attention, one can guess links and interesting stuff. The "star" is his OVO STORY.

Click the OVO image and you'll be able to see this interactive story, in English, of course.


The Genesis and -Progressive Rock Internet Radio Station-
Well, what can be said you don't know about Shawn Bishop's broadcasts? More than once I've stayed up late to listen to them, even his naming me Penelope!! I must admit I've learnt lots on Genesis boots and other prog stuff by listening to Dividingline at midnight (I am at +1 GMT). He has introduced me to Spock's Beard, Giraffe among others..

And... no excuse now.. they have archives of their last show...


And don't leave without paying a visit to the ....




info on ReGenesis LAMB video recorded "live" at g2 and how to order it.

friends links

Former ReGenesis keyboards player band (& a lovely person..)

ReGenesis vocalist

ReGenesis drummer

"Different" radio station run by well-known Paperlaters such as Jana Shepard or Howard Blecher. In their own words: "to provide true music fans of all genres of music a place to hear and discuss music that they wouldn't normally come across over the air or on the Internet"

"Founded in 2001 in North West England, Eye2Eye provide exciting theatre in a variety of settingsEye2Eye are available for booking anywhere in the North West of England.  They specialize in performing productions to raise money for your local charity."
A task to admire :-)
Thanks to David Hedges and Rosie Perkin

(Dave is a huge GENESIS fan, but a lurker in Paperlate-genesis list... Anyway, he was the direct responsible to arrange my RIPPLES "duet?" with Janet Edmonds at g2... we forgive him? I do.

And that's all for the moment.Hope this info has been useful.

Apologise me for not having included other sites I visit frequently, but as I've said before, there are lots of GENESIS sites. And the ones I've put is because they are specialised in a particular stuff, or because they are a link itself to get plenty of links.

Any suggestion would be appreciated.

".... I know what I like and I like what I know..."




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