*Knock* *Knock*
Riddles in
the Dark....
Tales by Mistress Amrun
Ah, good evening, friend. We've been expecting you. Do come in. Here, take this candle and watch your step; the smial is still under construction. Can I interest you in some tea? No? Come, come now, its no trouble at all.

No doubt you've heard of my good masters. That is why you're here, is it not? Ah, don't look so surprised, my pet! Its written plain as day on your face.

I've kept you waiting long enough, it seems. No need to bounce yourself off of your chair, child! I'll show you down the hallway then, to the bedroom, so you can find what you came for.

Before I'll be doing that, however, I must warn you. There be adult goings ons in the bedroom, and the lovers have gender in common (among other things). Now if you've come here by mistake, you're more than welcome to walk right back out that door into the cold, blustery night.

But if I've read you right, then you're in for a treat. Come, follow me down the hall. We'll answer some of these riddles in the dark........
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Updated 2/02/2006: ATTENTION: One of the mistress's fics have been nominated for a  Golden Mushroom Award. Go to the  Tales By Mistress Amrun page and look for the banner below!
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