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The following is a (damn hilarious) bit of hatemail I received after asking for some feedback for Grapes on a message board.  After directing them to a folder with the comic a few times they got a little angry...


I don't believe a word of the foul putrid sounds you call language eminating from your mouth (or your keyboard, doubtlessly typed in by malformed pedophilic digits). If you (you disgusting excuse for 10th grade humorist) had truly just wanted us to see your crudely rendered sketches of Charlie Brown (God bless that patriot and don't you ever say a negative word about him or I'll kill you) than you would have provided us (the uber-intelligent Cruelition members) a direct link into your crayon-powered not even good enough to be on badlinks site's grape page, rather than tell us to peruse your homophobic front page (in the vain hopes that another elephant manchild of phoniness is out there that bears a similar uneducated and nearly Catholic point of view just like you and will enjoy your lack of vision and hastily put together 'creation'). 

Also, you defecating meal-worm, you wouldn't sign each and every monosyllabic post you cough-up with a link to your website. Don't try to come in here, you ejaculating marsupial, and tell us what you are and are not doing. 

We (the gloriously unemployed of the Cruelition) know the truth (and it ain't from, and we (the Vanguard of Net stuff) know that you (the filthy rotten pig-swine misbegotten quickly forgotten but no potatoes au gratin of the WWW) are just trying to SPAM us! 

Grow up.

I found this pretty funny myself, and I think you all should let our friend know just what you think of it as well!  

E-mail this Charlie- Brown-humping 'mo at:  

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