Trading Rules:

1.  Use Branded CD-R media only.   I prefer cd-r media made in Japan.  HP, Fuji
     TDK, Maxell, Kodak, and Sony are all fine.  I am pretty flexible so if you use another 
      brand, just email me to discuss.

2.  Use EAC to extract audio before burning.  Record no faster than 8x and always use
     DAO for live music.

3.  No cutting tracks.  If a show requires an 80 min CD-R, use one.

4.  No CD's from MP3 sources.   I do not trade in lower quality recordings.

5.  Trade CD insert artwork electronically.  Either email me the artwork or create a CD-R
      with all inserts. 

6.  If you have any questions, please ask before trading.

If you have any questions? Email

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