My Out-Of-Print CD's

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American Stars ‘N Bars – 1977 Reprise Records tape>cdr (1cd)
Hawks & Doves - 1980 lp>cdr (1cd)
On The Beach – July ’74 +Bonus Tracks lp>cdr (1cd)

At The Rock House – 1961 Sun Record Company LP 1260 lp>cdr (1cd)
Early Orbison – 1968 Monument Record Corporation MLP 8023 lp>cdr (1cd)
Greatest Hits – 1967 Monument Record Corporation MC 6619 lp>cdr (1cd)
I’m Still In Love With You – 1976 Mercury SRM-1-1045 lp>cdr (1cd)
In Dreams – 1977 Monument Record Corporation MC 6620 lp>cdr (1cd)
In Dreams (Remastered) – 1995 Sony Special Products Reissue CD (1cd)
In Dreams: The Greatest Hits - 1987 Virgin Records 7 90604-1 lp>cdr (1cd)
More Of Roy Orbison’s Greatest Hits – 1964 Monument Records MC 6621 lp>cdr (1cd)
Orbisongs – 1966 Monument Record Corporation SLP 18035 lp>cdr (1cd)
Regeneration – 1977 Monument Record Corporation MG7600 lp>cdr (1cd)
Roy Orbison Sings - 1972 MGM Record Corp. M 8130-4835 8tk>cdr (1cd)
Sings Don Gibson – 1967 MGM Records E/SE-4424 lp>cdr (1cd)
The Classic Roy Orbison – MGM Records E/SE-4379 lp>cdr (1cd)
The Living Legend of Roy Orbison - 1975 Candelite Music, INC.  PA 12946 8tk>cdr (1cd)
The Orbison Way – 1966 MGM Records E/SE-4322 lp>cdr (1cd)
There Is Only One Roy Orbison – 1965 MGM Records E/SE-4308 lp>cdr (1cd)

Barrett -1990 Original Sound Recordings EMI Records (1cd)
Octopus – the best of Syd Barrett, Cema Special Markets cd>cdr (1cd)
Opel - 1988 Original Sound Recordings EMI Records (1cd)

Traveling Wilbury's - Vol. I and Vol. III (1cd)

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