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The origin of the word Wicca is Anglo-Saxon and means wise therefore Wicca Craft is the Craft of the Wise.  From there the word was debased into witchcraft, a name which has remained in use since being first recorded in approximately 700 A.D. to the present day, to denote the religion of the followers of the Old Religion, or the Craft, as it is known to initiates.


The Wicca is matriarchal in basis, we worship the Great Goddess, whose name is secret, and her Consort, the Horned God.  The legend of the deities of the Wicca is very similar to that of Isis and Osiris in Egyptian mythology.  The God Osiris gives His power to the Goddess Isis, and in the same way, the Horned God is so enchanted by the youth and beauty of the Goddess that he gave all His powers to Her.


Modern Witches still worship the Goddess and God in much the same way as our ancestors did.  The four Great Sabbats, Imbolc (February 1), Beltane (May 1), Lammas (August 1) and Samhain (October 31) are still celebrated in the same way as they were hundreds, even thousands, of years ago, with dancing, ritual and feasting in honor of the Gods.  For further details, see our Sabbats page.


In all other respects, Wicca is a thriving religion with new students approaching initiation on a regular basis.  Those who are deemed fit for initiation are brought into a way of life as well as a religion and willingly follow its instruction.   The laws of Wicca are summed up as follows:  Eight words the Wiccan Rede fulfill: An it harm none, do what ye will.

Oh Mighty Queen of many names and of many faces

I call to thee from sacred spaces

I stand under the full moon, thy sacred jewel,

and I worship the light which is my fuel

Oh Blessed Mother come unto me

They radiant beauty for me to see

I pray thee come down unto thy priest and son

Let us share voice and love and be as One.

Silver be they aura's light

Oh Goddess show they awesome might

bring down the heavens for they cloak,

and rouse the Spirits and Fairy Folk

Show me they face so bold and proud

and may I see my reflection upon thy crown

Oh ancient Queen of Witches I call unto thee

By Rune and Circle and by Prayer and Plea

By worship and by love, oh come, come unto me

Isis, Astarte, Hecate

Ea Binah Ge

Come unto the Priest that Calleth Unto Thee.


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