Na Fineachan Teine Diomhair
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The Goddess is alive and Magick is afoot!

Welcome to the home page of the Coven of Na Fineachan Teine Diomhair.  We are a traditional Alexandrian coven based in the Boston area of Massachusetts.

Alexandrian Wicca is a traditional path traced directly to Alex Sanders, known in his lifetime as King of the Witches, who was one of the pioneers in bringing the ancient magick and worship of the Goddess and God into modern times.

The coven of Na Fineachan Teine Diomhair (NFTD for short) was first formed on the astral plan at Beltane 1998.  The coven was names (as is Alexandrian Tradition) by the Witch Queen of our lineage, and by my High Priest of the coven we hived off of (Na Fineachan Fiosa or NFF for short).  Click here for a look at our lineage.

Alexandrian covens are very private entities.  They are governed by a High Priest, High Priestess or both.  All decisions within the coven are made by general consensus but the coven leader maintains the right to final veto or approval.  New members are accepted into the group by majority vote.  We use the term "benevolent monarchy" to describe this environment.  The expression of individuality is not only solicited and encouraged, but is vital for the growth of the coven.  However, as is in may magickal workings, an 'operator' or 'control point' is necessary to channel all of the individual energy toward the development of the group soul.  It is the cultivation of this soul that provides the coven with power on multiple levels.  The members of the coven must feel comfortable with each other and prove themselves to be worthy of the trust that fellow coveners place in them.  Each member must also have confidence in the coven leader to channel their collective energy toward productive and beneficial ends.

"There shall ye assemble, ye who are fain to learn all sorcery, yet have not won its deepest secrets; to these will I teach things that are yet unknown."   The Charge of the Goddess

The words Witch and Witchcraft reek of mystery and magick.  Libraries and bookstores have all sorts of books on the subject.  We are all drawn to Witchcraft - we all wish for a craft of wishing - yet few know what it is.  We can only shed a very thin ray of light on the subject here - so if you dare to continue, ring the bell, open the book and light the candle and let the magick begin...



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