Rachel Tatner lives in the Hill Country area of Texas near Medina Lake. Many of her pictures have been inspired by the scenic areas of the Hill Country, the lake, the beautiful landscape of her hillside home along with her animals and the wild animals that come to visit. The artist enjoys creating pictures with a theme in mind. Such as a certain color, subject or digital illusion.

Her love of photography began at an early age. She and her brother found their grandfathers old camera and began experimenting with the tint lenses. Rachel continued to experiment with photography when her father gave her his Beacon camera. She experimented with color and black & white film. Her sister (who is 14 years younger than her) became the subject for many of her photos along with the family pets.

Rachel continues to enjoy experimenting with unusual and older cameras. Her camera collection includes a Holga camera, a continuous action camera that puts 4 small pictures on 1 regular size picture, a 3D camera which it's pictures unfortunately cannot be reproduced on the internet, a panoramic camera and a 110 film camera on a keychain to name just a few.


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