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So you're slobbering at your computer, surfing the 'net instead of doing whatever it is that you're supposed to be doing, then stumble into my lair, eh?  I have no idea why you would be interested in this site but, hey voyeur, obviously you aren't doing anything useful with your time; might as well waste it here.
I cannot guarantee your experience here will contain warm fuzzies, epiphanies, happy thoughts, nor anything which may cause you to jump out of your chair and give your loved one a friendly wedgie.  However, if you should leave here feeling even a small sense of satisfaction, well then, consider yourself easily amused.
Now, follow me deep, deeper, c'mon, deeper... HEY!  Where ya going?  Git yer buttocks back over here and scurry into my lair!  I'm trying to set a tone here, and you're over there prancing around, Riverdancing like a crazed banshee!
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Sometimes, I just can't be bothered...
LikMroUgH: u lokin for a guy
Me:  What do you think?
LikMroUgH:  yes 
Me:  Why do you suppose that, I ponder?
LikMroUgH:  21 male tulsa
Me:  How exciting for you.
LikMroUgH:  and u
Me:  Yeah, I just said I was excited for you.  Stay with me here.
LikMroUgH:  ok ur age and location
Me:  Are you guessing, or am I?
LikMroUgH:  u tell me what u are
Me:  I am a delicate eggshell.
LikMroUgH:  tell who u are please
Me:  I thought I just did.  This is getting to be too complicated.
LikMroUgH:  ur age ur loctaion 
Me: Yes, I am of age; Yes, I am lactating.
:  are u really
Me:  Am I really what?
Me:  Why all the hard questions??
LikMroUgH:  where do u live
Me:  It's hard to explain.
LikMroUgH:  tell me 
Me:  Nosy Bastard ... Well, it's a very small cottage.
LikMroUgH:  in what town
Me: It's a tiny town; you've prolly never heard of it. "Mothergoose Village"?
Me: Guess not.
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