Get Your Mint Greens!

Tina Mount has volunteered to help out with the mint green ribbons - my thanks to her. If you would like mint green ribbons, and don't want to make any, please send an SASE to:
Tina Mount
6 Arrow Court
Chillicothe, Ohio 45601
Here is a picture of her ribbons:

The Mint Green Ribbon campaign has just begun. Let me tell you my story.

Recently, I had drs appts for my two daughters, and had to make a trip to the bank. I got creative and wore a mint green ribbon on my blouse. Low and behold, by the end of three hours I had informed 5 new people of PPCM... all ladies.
My goal has always been to tell one new person about PPCM each day. You would think I was proud of this disease or something, because I tell people in the grocery store line, at the bank, the guy who takes my groceries to my car.
No, I don't obsess about this illness, but I have decided to tell the world, so that no other woman has to go through around 26 different doctors to figure out what is going on with her body. I want the word PPCM to be known, just as gestational diabeties, or pre eclampsia. Think about it, did you read anything about PPCM in any parenting book before your child was born? I didn't. No one told me.
I couldn't believe in one day I had told 5 ladies about my condition. And I hadn't even started the conversation!!!!!
Naturally, I made 7 ribbons for the ladies as they requested (two of them requested one for their daughters) and I didn't stop at those 7. I have made a BUNCH of mint green ribbons up, and am looking for hearts to put on the front. Of course, you can make them up yourself if you desire. I am just offering because I have sort of made them in bulk, hee hee:) Spread the word about PPCM. We would all have had less suffering had we have known about this illness. I hope you'll consider wearing a mint green ribbon,

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