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Updated 6 January, 2002

Well, since it was little ole me trying to dream up or find all the recipes myself — no one had any :( — I only managed to come up with several links that offer low sodium recipes-a-plenty. I hope that you will submit any low sodium recipes to us or let us know of any other amazing low sodium sites that you may run across!

Salt Free Life
This site has incredible low sodium recipes. it has a newsletter and entire webpage dedicated to nothing but low or no-salt recipes. i was amazed at the place and didn't want to leave!!! Has free recipes, but has a whole load of them for $4.95/year. It is outstanding!

Salt Talk
Tips for reducing sodium intake and several great recipes.

A personal collection of low sodium recipes and health sites

Even has a place where you can rate the recipe and see what others think about them.

Jon's Place
I'm always mentioning his site for a reason, he really takes his time on these things!

Aunt Runner's
Personal collection of tips and lots of recipes.

Apples for Health
At least 100 recipes here, I bet. And very easy to navigate!

Collection of Low-Sodium Links
Similar to the one you are reading!

Low Sodium Cooking
Nice collection here.


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