Big Get Together:

Dates: June 25 - 28, 2004

Place: Orlando, Florida, USA

Hotel: Radisson Hotel just outside the park. (The hotel could change if a better rate becomes available before this time)

**Keep in mind that hotels can only give you current rates. These rates can change throughout the next year, but not by too much. The following rate quotes are based on a 4 day "Hopper Pass" to Walt Disney World which allows you access to ALL the theme parks (Magic Kingdom, Epcot Center, MGM Studio's, Wild Kingdom, and more...), 3 or 4 nights in the hotel depending on how long a stay you plan on and how many people will be in your party.

2 adults 3 nights = $669.00
2 adults 4 nights = $764.00

2 adults 1 child 3 nights = $821.00
2 adults 1 child 4 nights = $916.00

2 adults 2 children 3 nights = $973.00
2 adults 2 children 4 nights = $1068.00

You can make payments on the trip or use a credit card. The price DOES NOT include airline prices. When you call the 800 number to make your own personal arrangements for payments, you can make your airline reservations then. I could not quote airline prices because we are all coming from different places. However, we still get what's called a "conference discount" because we are all going to the same place. For those of us who will be flying.

In addition, I plan to have the first full day to be a luncheon. There will be (pretty) name tags given at the door for each PPCM member and their family members. All name tags will have both EzBoard Names and Actual Names on them to make it easier for us to recognize each other! We also hope to have some guest speakers such as Brandy, hopefully our Dr. Fett if he can make it, and who ever else would like to speak. I would like this luncheon to be in the hotel. However, we will have to wait and see how many of you are able to make it before we invest in a rented room.

All this wouldn't be possible without Terry B. We are getting discounted rates through her company (Uniglobe Travel) here in California.

You can e-mail me with questions or suggestions:

If you are serious about the trip and are ready to start the process please contact:

Terry B
Uniglobe Travel
(800) 235-9386

Tell her you are with the PPCM Group!

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