A special Thankyou to those who felt it in their hearts to keep this site in operation. And to those who couldn't help, but still offer the most important support of all, their hearts and ears.

A Great Big

Eric and Steph Hernandez
Barbara Hatcher
Rachel Baker
Elizabeth Crutcher
Lisa Velkovich
Kathy Myers

Another thanks to these donators:

Dr. James Fett
Zora Fernandez
Rachel Baker
Tina Mount
Regina Ely
Patti Shaffer
Carianne Marino
Kathy Myers
Rochelle Gonzales
Nicole DeWitt
JoAnn Gonzales
Zora Fernandez
Susan Dancer
Natasha Fleischman
Pattie Schaffer
Jennifer Wulf
Amy Brittan

If I haven't listed someone, please bring this to my attention!

Thanks to those who made purchases of bumper stickers and calendars to support the site:
Mikki Livanos
Tina Mount
Cristina Lisa
Erin Ballinger
Shirley Avery
Amy Brittan

This site requires nearly $275 per year to function. If you would like to donate, please, send paypal to brandy@ppcmsupport.net or mail your donations to: Brandy Lee
1718 S. Columbia Pl, Tulsa, OK 74104
 Want to know where your money went? Email me and I will do my best to let you know what you have helped with. Every person who has donated, whether $1 or $60 is a true, honest blessing, and we are all very thankful for what you have done.


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