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I was diagnosed with PPCM Two weeks after the birth of my son. I had called the Doctor twice, after being discharged, about major edema and shortness of breath and the truth is they kind of blew me off. When my son was 6 days old I insisted that something was wrong (he is my fourth child, Jeesh, I should have some idea of what is normal for me) basically they had me come in to pacify me. They weighed me (I had an 8 lb baby and only lost 3 lbs, huh?) the NP looked at me and said the swelling would probably be gone in a couple of days.

When I came back for my two week check up the Dr walked me across the street to the ER. Now, I had their attention. :) They never told me what my initial EF was. They did tell me that the enlargement of my heart was causing very high blood pressure, tachycardia, valve leakage and heart failure. I remember that I kept looking over at my beautiful two-week-old baby and thinking I can't be sick, He NEEDS me!

What followed was a frustrating and often infuriating struggle. Conflicting advice from different Doctors and a cardiologist whose response to everything seemed to be, "Increase the Lasix" were as challenging as my health problems. I finally went to see a cardiomyopathy specialist at Yale. This was the best choice I made! After two years my heart has returned to normal size and function and I no longer need medication.I know that I am very blessed and very grateful that (most of the time) I can keep up with my terrible two (And my teenagers. YIKES!)

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