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Hi. My Name is Lacey Roettgen. I am 21 yrs with PPCM from Marshall, Misssouri. I developed PPCM 2 days after I had my son Calvin who was three weeks early.

On July 21, 2000, I was admitted in the hospital for toxemia and my blood pressure was real high. Well I put on these machines and had to be bed rested. So my doctor wanted to induce my labor and they did. I was in labor for about 27 hrs, having no urge to push at all. My doctor didn't seem to care. She kept telling me to push. After a while my b/f and my mom was like "I really don't think she can have this baby," So my doctor called an OB, who was just a regular doctor. He came in and felt to see if I was dilated and looked at my blood pressure. He said "You are having your baby by emergency c-section." Well I did, and he weighed 9 lbs 4 oz. I had a boy…I was so happy.

That night they had me drugged up and some lady came in and I had to breathe in that machine thing to see far I could get it. Nobody seemed to care cause they didn't do anything. I kept telling my doctors I was having problems breathing, and they kept saying it could just be me not used to having no stomach.. I was just gaining weight. I gained about 20 lbs over 2 days.

Then one night my grandma came out to see me and I couldn't even walk across the room. Then my b/f was like I am going to tell them nurses something needs to be done cause it seems like they weren't doing anything. Then they called in all kinds of doctors. I was moved to ICU where that put me on Lasix and oxygen. At first they that I had a blood clot, so I got put on a blood thinner. I got all kinds of tests ran on me that night. My EF was 24 or 26%. I was sent home week or so later.

I am still really battling it. I go to see my cardiologist every month or more and a heart failure doctor. Hopefully soon I might get a heart transplant.

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