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My name is Chasta Vest- I am a 27 year old SAHM of my two boys. Caden was born May 21st 1998 and Carter was born May 2nd 2000. I was diagnosed after the birth of our first son. I had a difficult (understatement) time breathing the last couple of weeks pregnant with Caden so they induced me at 37 weeks. Caden was perfectly healthy weighing in at 8lbs 11oz-born via c-section. I went home from the hospital feeling much better. They credited my shortness of breath to Toxemia and having such a large baby in my less than 5 foot body. A week later however I thought I was suffocating so I was put back in the hospital for about 7 days while my doctor tried to diagnosis me. When the PPCM diagnosis was finally given I began to recover fairly quickly with treatment. At 6 months post pardum I was completely back to normal with an ef of better than 75% and off all meds.

We made the decision to have another child when Caden was about 15 months old. The pregnancy went very well and exactly one month early, Carter, was taken by c-section. Weighing in at 8lbs 9 oz! Carter stayed in NICU for about 10 days but other than that everything went great. I have not had any problems relating to the pregnancy—other than weight gain :)


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