Wargaming World War 1.

A German A7V attacks with infantry support. A DH-2 flys over No Man's Land.

The British Grand fleet sorties out in the North Sea.

The PPCLI going over the top at a reenactment.

Wargaming World War 1 used to be in 2 formats: naval, and large formation ground combat. Recently in the last couple of years some breakthroughs have occurred in rules and gaming pieces that have expanded WW1 gaming choices. This site was created to help promote these "breakthroughs" and hopefully encourage gamers to try them.

The scales I use are:
15mm for ground combat.
1/72 scale for aircraft combat.
1/3000 scale for naval.

The gaming rules I use are:
A modified version of "Trench Storm" for ground combat, "Canvas Eagles" for air combat, and "General Quarters II" for Naval combat. I've looked at many others but found these rules sets add enough realism and maintain a good pace. - Terry Lubka

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