Here's a few websites that will provide you free rules, info, and ideas.

Canvas Eagles
An excellent set of rules for WW1 aircombat gaming using 1/72 scale model kits. These are the rules my group uses right now. The good news is they are free!

Free wargame rules
This site contains links and downloads of numerous shareware wargaming rules.

The Ottawa C E Group
The Ottawa Canvas Eagles Group.

I-94 Enterprises
If you are interested in WW2 aircraft in 1/300 scale I highly recommend I-94 Enterprises. A highly reputable dealer of wargaming equipment.

Great War Spearhead
If you are interested in doing divisional ground combat this site offers an explanation of a ruleset that tackles this scale of ground combat.

I've ordered many 15mm figures from this fine dealer. They carry quite a large line of the Irregular miniature line.

Reenacting the PPCLI in WW1
The WW1 reenactment group of which I belong too. The video on the home page is us in action.

Minifigs, wargaming supplies
Another source of WW1 figures.

Over The Front
This is the website for for the Over The Front magazine. This site does contain some interesting WW1 aircraft information.

Joe soldiers
A site devoted to 54mm figures. Most common eras covered, even WW1!

Juno Beach
An excellent site showing what can be done with 1/6th scale figures. Canucks hitting the beach!

General Quarters Stuff
A site dedicated to the General Quarters 2 ruleset. This ruleset focuses on WW1 naval combat.

Junior General
If you are looking to build a wargaming army on the fast and cheap then consider paper armies.
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