Our August 3rd game was the scenario of a combined British/French attack on the German "Anthill" position. The Allies lost about 200 men in this regiment strength attack before it was called off due to not achieving their objectives.

On October 19th we put on a demo game at MIGSCON '02. The scenario was an Allied attack with armour support on the German lines. The Allies get surprised when 3 German A7V tanks come on the scene. The game ended as a draw. It was also the first time that smoke and gas rules were used.

In January of 2003 I was invited to put on a demo game at the London (Ontario) wargamers club. The scenario was an Allied attack. The objective was to capture and hold 2 German trench sectors for a major victory. The Allied attack started off fast with 6 tanks. None of the tanks made it to the German trenches. They were either knocked out or disabled. The Allied forces managed to capture a section of trench and were working on a major victory until the Germans counterattacked with the support of a flamethrower team. The outcome had the Allies settle for a minor victory with only one German trench sector in control.

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