Files and Extras

Here's a few charts and tools that will help in gaming WW1 & WW2.

The Trench Storm rule set is no longer shareware. The author has published his last draft of rules set and they will be available from IT miniatures in USA.

The one thing that annoys me to no end is flipping through pages and pages of rules while playing a game. For my WW1 skirmish game I solved this problem by creating a "Quick Reference Chart". With these 3 charts you can play the game. I've colour coded the different segments to help speed up play.
WW1 Skirmish Quick Reference Chart. Excel file (80kb).

One gentleman in our group, Steve Frezza has created some optional rules for the Canvas Eagles rule set. They cover Same Hex Combat, Gun Jamming, Tree Top Flying, Collisions, Acceleration/Deceleration, Operational Turns, Fuel, and Fuel Hits.
. Canvas Eagles optional rules. Zipped Word file (30kb).

The General Quarters rule set allows you to play major fleet actions without getting bogged down in record keeping. A further aid to this rule set is the GQHelper program. You can create custom ship stat sheets as well as print off preset one's like Jutland.
. GQHelper Program. Zipped Word file (881kb).

This is a ruleset I've put together for wargaming WW2 skirmish. They are designed for 20mm figures and the game scale is 1 figure equals 1 man.
. WW2 Skirmish rules. Zipped Excel file (23kb).

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