Words of inspiration (sorta) (and some quotes) (And some really bad poems. Nothing worse than bad poetry)
Never think that time is meaningless. Every hour counts. After all, can you hold your breath fo an hour?
Your mind is more active sleeping then watching T.V.
A critic is a legless man teaching running.
The greatest risk is not taking one.
Smile, life's too short to frown.
The brave man may not live forever, but a coward never lives.
If at first you don't succeed, then skydiving is not for you.
A man who trusts everyone is a fool, a man who trusts no one is a fool, we are all fools if we live long enough.
            --- Lews Therin in
Wheel of Time by Robert Jordan
True literacy is becoming an arcane art and the United States is steadily dumbing down.
          ---- Isaac Asimov
"Iron bars don't make a cage, nor stone walls a prison."
Tuck Everlasting
"If you're going to tread thin ice, you might as well dance your way across!"
Winds of Fury by Mercedes Lackey
What is joy without suffering? They define each other, as death defines life and life defines death. Without one, the other could not be. 
It takes so much to be so little, yet it takes so little to be so much, so wonder now what path you will choose before both are gone, the road of ease that ends abruptly or the road that's hard yet lasts so long? In the end will you leave a hole or another road for another soul? Wonder now for time is short then take the road before it's gone. Dare you take the path less tread?
One person alone cannot change the entire world, or that world is far to simple to be worth changing, yet every person counts.Grand changes take time and happen gradually. Many people must contribute over time, each showing the way for those following after until the change is made. Even then the people must remember and tend to the change, for is it not easier to destroy a bridge then make it? And are there not many ways to destroy a bridge?
      "I Am"
I am the storm
I hear the falling rain
I see the clash of lightning
I say everything and nothing
I am the storm

I am the assassin
I feel the touch of darkness
I try to reach the light
I dream a dream of sorrow
I am the assassin

I am the fire
I taste the heat of passion
I touch the heart of rage
I am the fire

I am the song
I sing of life and hope
I am the song

I am the ashes
I am the memory
I am the promise
      I am
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