Do you dare take
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2. What is your opinion on penguins?

      A. They taste good…mmmm…penguins…

     B. Their cuddly, and fluffy, and cute!

     C. I shall take over the penguins then use them to take over the world!(but you will now forget that or else you shall suffer a long a painful death)


    E. They’re o.k. as long as they don’t start singing.
1. What is your favorite kind of food?
    A. Anything without meat. I’m a vegetarian.
    B. PIE!!!!
     C. Mmmmmm…food
     D. Donuts
     E. Whatever I can find
3. If you had a magic ring, what would you do with it?

    A. Conquer the world! Cause mass chaos!

    B. DESTROY ALL THE PENGUINS! Die penguins, die! (hysterical laughter)

     C. Destroy it. Magic rings are always trouble.

    D. Can you eat a magic ring?

    E. Save the chickens!
4. If something is scaring you, you’re most likely to…

      A. Think of the Jabberwocky.

     B. Bury my head in the ground. If I can’t see it, it can’t see me.

     C. Eat it

     D. Things don’t scare me, I scare things.

    E. Smite it down with my sword, the definition of bravery is facing your fears. (But if it’s too scary I’ll moo at it. Mooing is an effective way to make scary things
go away.)
5. If you were being attacked by a shark, what would you do?

   A. Get a bigger boat

   B. Throw chocolate at it

   C. Thrash your arms wildly

    D. Blow it up

    E. Electrocute it
6. What kind of song would you sing at the end of a movie?

    A. It depends on the movie

     B. I don’t sing

      C. A cheesy, yet entertaining, song

      D. A serious song, movies I watch don’t end happily ever after(at least not for the good-doers!)

     E. A song that’s already been played again and again throughout the movie
7. If an advanced alien race came down and gave you a device that could cure all sicknesses and bring about world peace, what would you do with it?

    A. Give it to the president

    B. Keep it for myself (I can use it as a bargaining tool when I conquer the world!)

    C. Take it apart

    D. Sell it on Ebay

    E. Eat it
8. Why are there six pedals if there are only four directions?
    A. What does this have to do with anything?
      B. A question that has plagued mankind for many a century…

    C. I ate the seventh pedal…

    D. So your friend can drive

    E. Because exercise is good for you
9. If you had a tank what would you do with it?
    A. Name it Sheila and blow up the Red base
     B. Use it as a weapon to take over the world!

    C. Blow it up. Tanks are also trouble

     D. Let the monkey drive!

10. How many cats?
    A. 4
    B. 9
    C. Penguin
    D. Is this a trick question? Or is it rhetorical?
    E. Mmmm… cat kabobs
Thank you for taking this pointless quiz. I know you had something better to do. Have a nice day.
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