Raoul, Vicomte De Chagny


Christine... Christine... don't think that I don't care, but every hope and every prayer rests on you now... so it is to be war between us! But this time, my clever friend, the disaster, will be yours!




Raoul le Vicomte de Chagny is the patron of the Paris Opera House. He arrived along with the two new managers, M. Firmin and M. Andre. He sees Christine for the first time when she performs instead of Carlotta in 'Hannibal' and recognises her from childhood. He goes to see her after the performance, to remind her of when they were children, and asks to take her out to dinner, to recall past times. She refuses, but he is very persistent and goes to fetch his coat. When he returns, the door to Christine's dressing room is locked, and he hears two voices on the other side. When the door opens, he is confronted with an empty room. The next time he sees Christine is when she performs the silent role in 'Il Muto'. He is sitting in the only available seat, box five, which is ordinarily, by order of the 'Opera Ghost' reserved for the Phantom. The performance is interrupted by the Phantom, who asks why his seat his taken. When Joseph Buquet's garotted body falls to the floor, he runs onto the stage to steer Christine to safety, and she takes him to the roof. It is here that she tells him of the Phantom; her Angel Of Music, but Raoul does not believe her. He confesses his love to her, and she asks him to protect her, which he promises he will. They kiss, and then Christine asks him to order his fine horses, so that they can run away together. Unbeknown to them, they are overheard by the Phantom, who is enraged.



Six months later, at the opera masquerade ball, Christine and Raoul attend together. Christine is wearing an engagement ring from Raoul around her neck, they are secretly engaged. The Phantom shows up at the ball however, with his new opera, Don Juan Triumphant, and sees the ring. He declares that Christine's chains still belong to him. When the Phantom tries to entice Christine back to his lair, Raoul is there to stop him.



When Christine is 'kidnapped' by the Phantom, Raoul implores Madame Giry for her help, and she leads him to the Phantoms lair. Raoul attempts to rescue Christine, but is caught by the Phantom. He has to stand helplessly by as Christine kisses the Phantom, and gives her life to him. The Phantom releases Christine, and she leaves with Raoul, to live (presumably) happily ever after.




The original Raoul was played by Steve Barton .

Other actors who have played the part of Raoul:

Matthew Cammelle- current London

Nat Chandler- 2nd national company

Ciaran Sheehan- 3rd national tour

Christopher Carl- 1st national company

Lawrence Anderson- 2nd national company

Jason Pebworth- 3rd national tour

John Schroeder- 3rd national tour

Gary Mauer- broadway

Richard Todd Adams- 3rd national tour

Jim Weitzer- 3rd national tour

Gardar Thor Cortes- UK tour

Richard Lake- Phantom UK tour





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