Meg Giry


I watched your face from the shadows, distant through all the applause, I hear your voice in the darkness, yet the words aren't yours!




Meg Giry was Christine's 'best friend'. When Christine falls out of step during the rehearsals for 'Hannibal', she asks what is wrong, and then nominates her to sing when Carlotta leaves unpextedly. She is a 'promising dancer'and is Madame Giry's daughter, which often involves her in the opera's affairs. After Christine's first lead performance, she follows her to her dressing room, and then proceeds to ask her who her new tutor is. When Christine replies with stories of an Angel Of Music, she tells her nervously that she hears her voice in the darkness, but the words aren't hers! Meg's mother interrupts and tells her to practise her dancing. When Christine goes missing, she appears with her mother to break the news that Christine has returned, and when the managers then refuse the opera ghosts demand to place Christine in the lead role in 'Il Muto', she is afraid of what will happen, and tries to tell them all what she knows, but her little voice is drowned out!

At the masquerade ball, she rejoices with the others, and even manages to get a good part in the Phantom's opera, 'Don Juan Triumphant'. When things go wrong, and Christine is 'kidnapped', she shows Raoul to keep his hand at the level of his eyes, and asks to come along. Her mother refuses, but she disobeys her and goes as part of the Mob towards the house on the lake. When the mob finally reach the Phantom's lair, Meg enters first, but no-one is there. She makes her way over to the throne and picks up the Phantom's half mask, which is laying there. The curtain falls on her holding the mask in the air.



The original Meg Giry was played by Janet Devenish.

Other actresses who have played the part of Meg Giry:

Lucy Middleton- current London

Amanda Light- London

Geralyn Del Corso- broadway

Jennifer Gould- 1st national company

Jennifer Dawn Stillings- US tour II

Diana Gonzalez- 3rd national tour

Betina Hershey- 3rd national tour



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