Carlotta Guidicelli and Ubaldo Piangi


Prima Donna, your song shall live again, you took a snub, but there's a public who needs you



Carlotta is the Prima Donna of the Opera House. During the rehearsal of 'Hannibal' a piece of scenery almost falls on top of her, prompting her to leave. She later returns after Christine's great triumph in her role, and demands that she have the lead role in 'Il Muto'. The managers let her sing the lead, going against the wishes of The Phantom, who wants Christine in the role. During the performance, Carlotta blames Christine for the interruption, and calls her a little toad, to which the Phantom replies "A toad Madame? Perhaps it is you who are the toad?" After this Carlotta attempts to sing, but emits a toad like croaking noise! She tries again to sing, but is unsuccessful, and so leaves the stage crying.

When The Phantom insists that they perform his opera, 'Don Juan Triumphant', Carlotta is given a small role, which she is resentful about. She blames Christine and accuses her of orchestrating the whole thing, just to get the lead role. During the rehearsal she cries "No-one will know if it is right or if it is wrong, no-one will care if it is right or if it is wrong!" when Piangi gets the phrase wrong. When Piangi is murdered during the actual performance, she breaks down crying and blames Andre and Firmin for the 'accident'.

The original Carlotta was played by Rosemary Ashe.

Other actresses who have played the part of Carlotta:

Margaret Preece- current London

Kelly Ellenwood- 2nd national company

Patricia Hurd- 2nd national company

Geena Jeffries- 3rd national tour/ 1st national company

Julie Scmidt- 3rd national tour

Kelly Cae Hogan- 3rd national tour

Marilyn Caskey- broadway

Diane Jennings- 3rd national tour

Judy Kaye- broadway

Jasna Ivir- London

Liz McCarthy- 1st national company

Leigh Munro- broadway



Piangi is Carlotta's 'sidekick'. He agrees with her in everything, and when she leaves in 'Hannibal' he goes with her. He is murdered by the Phantom when performing in 'Don Juan Triumphant'.

The original Piangi was played by John Aron.

Other actors who have played the part of Piangi:

Stefano Fucile- 2nd national company

Gale Oxley- 2nd national company

Donn Cook- 2nd national company

Gualtiero Negrini- 1st national company

Ray Friedeck- 3rd national tour

Mark Calkins- 3rd national tour/ 2nd national company

Paul Jacobsen- 3rd national tour

David Romano- broadway

Steven Stein-Granger- 3rd national tour

David Hillman- London

Wayne Morbitt- US tour II

Nicholas F. Salverine- broadway



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