Mary Lueck Prescher
           Mary Leck ( August Lueck ) was born 12 Jul 1868, probably at La Porte, La Porte Co., Indiana.  She married 03 Feb 1890, in Bosque Co., Texas to  Alvin Benjamin Prescher.  Alvin was born 25 Aug 1866, Germany and died 13 Oct 1946, Lone Willow, Johnson Co., Texas with burial in Rose Hill Cemetery, Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas.  Mary died 25 Jul 1965, Johnson Co., Texas, buried: Rose Hill Cemetery, Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas. 

1870 LaPorte, LaPorte Co., Indiana pg 169

Lute, August 40 m w day laborer Prussia
      Henrietta 30 f  w  keeping house Prussia
     Gustavius  8 m w at home       Prussia
       Ottielia   5 f  w  at home       Indiana
      Chas       4 m w at home       Indiana
      Fredk      2 m w at home       Indiana
Mary 10/12  f  w at home       Indiana

1880 Census District 5, Fayette Co., Texas 
Page 239B
August LUCK  Self   M   Male   W   50   PRU   Farmer       PRU   PRU
Getta LUCK   Wife   M   Female W   45   PRU  KpgHouse   PRU  PRU
Gustaf J. LUCK Son  S   Male   W   17   PRU   WorksFarm PRU PRU
Otelda LUCK   Dau   S   Female W   16   IN                        PRU   PRU
Charles LUCK   Son  S   Male   W   14   IN   GoingToSchool PRU PRU
Fred LUCK     Son   S   Male   W   12   IN   GoingToSchool PRU PRU

Mary LUCK Dau S Female W 10 IN GoingToSchool PRU PRU
Willie LUCK   Son   S   Male   W    8   IN                            PRU PRU
Henry LUCK    Son   S   Male   W    5   TX                          PRU   PRU
Eda LUCK      Dau   S   Female W    1   TX                          PRU   PRU

1910 Haskell Co., Texas Sagerton Prct 7 pg 109
Prescher, A. head m w 42 md 1 20 yrs Germany Germany Germany

Mary wife  f  w  40 md 1 20 yrs 12 children born/9 children living IN GER GER
Annie dg     f  w  18  sg               TX Germany IN
            Ida dg     f  w   16 sg               TX Germany IN
        Willie son   m w  15  sg               TX Germany IN
       Bertha dg     f  w  14  sg               TX Germany iN
          Olga dg     f  w  12  sg               TX Germany IN
         Mary dg     f  w  11  sg               TX Germany IN
           Gus dg    m w  09 sg                TX Germany IN
           Ella dg     f  w  03 sg                TX Germany IN   
next door was her brother William Lick

1910 Haskell Co., TX   Sagerton  Prct 4 ED 114

Naust Herman hoh...........more family listed in census
Prescher, Ernest laborer m w 20 sg Texas German Unknown


1920 Johnson Co., Texas Pg7A ED 44 Precinct 2
Preecher Alvin hoh o m w 52 m Ger german Ger german Ger german
        Mary wife f w 50 m IN                Ger german Ger german
             Mary  dau f w 20 s TX                 Ger              IN
                Gus  son m w 18 s TX               Ger              IN
                Ella  dau f w 11 s TX                 Ger              IN
             Louis   son m w  9 s TX                Ger             IN
Rowley    Ida    dau f w 24  wd TX             Ger             IN 
               Ed     son m w  2 s TX                 Ger             IN
Vaughn Olga    dau f w 22 wd TX              Ger             IN
           Jimmy   son m w  3 s TX                 Ger            IN

1930 Johnson Co., TX
Prct 2 pg 2b ED 14
House #37
Prescher, Alvin B  head m w 63 Deutschland
Prescher, Mary     wife f w 60 --
Prescher, August? G. son m w 28 TX
Prescher, Ella P   daug f w 21 TX
Prescher, Louis A   son m w 19 TX

       i Ernest Prescher b. 1890 d. before 1946
ii Annie Prescher b. 1892 d. before 1946
iii Ida B. Prescher
iv Julius William ( Will ) Prescher
v Bertha Elizabeth Prescher b. 15 Mar 1896
vi Olga L. Prescher
vii Mary Ann Prescher b. 17 Jul 1900.
viii Gus A. Prescher b. 24 Jan 1902 and died 23 May 1972, Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas.
      ix unknown
xi unknown
xii Ella Pearl Prescher b. 11 Jul 1908, m. D.S. (Marcus?) Nix, b. 1876.  Ella died 3 Nov 1990, Johnson Co., Texas. 
xiii Lewis Alvin Prescher b. 20 Jul 1910, Sagerton, Haskell Co., Texas, m. Mary, d. 25 Sep 1965, Johnson Co., Texas.  Lewis died 5 Nov 1995, Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas, buried: Rose Hill Cemetery, Cleburne, Johnson Co., Texas.

seated: Mary and Alvin Prescher, Mary Marwitz
standing:  Lewis Prescher, Ella Nix (youngest daughter), Bertha Vaughn, Gus Prescher, Bill Prescher, Olga Weddle, and Ida Black.
Prescher Family Circa 1901
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