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Below are photos of pets that their owners have sent in.

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In the right picture are Sabrina and Simone, beagle puppies.

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Patch the beagle.
go to her webpage
Patch's Guestbook

Albert the Appaloosa's Website

visit Smokey at Terry's Pet Help & The Falcon's Nest

Barney's Page:

Angel is a 16 month old Alaskan Malamute, her pedigree name is Diomede Free Spirit
Karida is an 8 year old English Mastiff
Paws Away Boarding Kennels & WA Alaskan Malamute Rescue, Perth Western Australia


visit Petey's website:

Visit Buffy's Eulogy: HERE

visit Misty the cat's website and also see Casey and Cody

Visit these German shepherds' website: click here

Visit Breezy the West Highland Terrier's website

Peanut is a 1 year old beagle.

Baby G

visit Ruby the Pomeranian's website

Visit Pokey and Dots website:

Rowena van Silfanus is a 12 year old dutch "de hollandse smoushond." Visit her website.

Tasha & Chu Chu, two Shih Tzu: visit their website
Click to visit their website

Cisco, a 5 year old Black lab, and Duckie, an 8 month old Mallard. Duckie thinks Cisco is his mom. Their owner raised Duckie from a 4 day old duckling.

more pictures of Cisco and Duckie: Click Here

Zoe the Jack Russell Terrier: click for more pictures

Karma, a P.A.T. dog

Harley, a 5 month old German Shepherd

Mistylee: click here to visit Mistylee's website

click for more of these pups

Chevy the border collie

Visit Lady's website: click here

Furry Companions

Artý the beagle

Damon Laura v. Bouvier Topline Junior World Winner 2001

Cody and Casey: visit their website

Pams Pits: visit their website

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