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Pilgrims of the Holy Family
Our Lady of Prayer Troop

Welcome to our little page for sharing the wonderful fun we are having as we work to earn activity badges, learn more about our heroes- the Saints, and gain many new skills.

Pilgrims of the Holy Family is a Catholic Family Activity Program by Kerry and Nancy MacArthur, experienced homeschoolers. It is designed as a Catholic alternative to 4-H and Scouts for boys and girls ages 10 and up, but we have found many of the activities very easily adaptable for preschool through high school. This unique program meets the interests of young people within a solidly Catholic context. PoHF consists of over 70 different achievements which are arranged in five categories. These categories are designated as Paths, and each Path also contains reference to and study of a Saint—Technology, St. Joseph; Woodsmanship, St. Hubert; Science, St. Albertus Magnus; Humanities, St. Augustine; and Religion, St. Peter. The child and parent may choose any achievement that interests them. When a child completes two-thirds of any Path, he may be rewarded for that particular Path, and should also be rewarded for completing the first stage in the pilgrimage. The five stages of overall progress are named for five of the major pilgrimage sites of the Middle Ages: Canterbury, Cologne, Compostela, Rome, and Jerusalem.

Pilgrims of the Holy Family is a
Catholic Heritage Curricula exclusive. The links above will take you to the CHC website where you can learn more about this program, view pictures of the wonderful new badges, see information about other troops, and even place your order for the program and badges.

These are the first pictures of our study of horses. We have been reading several books about horses, meeting some new horse friends, learning to groom, ride, and lead, and even witnessed the birth of this beautiful creature!

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