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In My Opinion # 10
Well, Mr. Bush, you pushed through your budget. I see you
are already asking for more money.

Tell me, if we are in such good shape and have all this
extra money, why do Medicare and Medicaid have such high
Co-Pays? It is a fact that people on fixed incomes have to
dig into their food money for the Co-Pays to the doctors.
It is a fact that even if some doctors wave the co-pay, the
medicine they prescribe to keep these CITIZENS alive demands
a Co-Pay.

Welfare and Social Security do not pay enough for people to
live on. Then they have to take that money, and spend it on
doctors and medicine that should be COMPLETELY covered by
Medicaid and Medicare.

We work and PAY all our lives believing that when we get old
and canít work anymore the government will return the money we
have invested to help us alive and cover our medical expenses.


Now we find that the government has been dipping into our money
for years and never replaced it. Now our Seniors have to try to
live with the heat set on 55 F. They actually eat cat food!
They eat spoiled and moldy food just to put something in their stomachs.
Then they canít go to a doctor till they get really
very, very sick because they canít pay the co-pays. The doctor
will then give them a prescription which they canít get either!

I Think YOU, Mr. Bush, should help them NOW!

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