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Tuesday,January 5, 2002

I've decided to rebuild this section at my Tripod site. This is also where I'm posting my latest updates now:

I intended that this be mostly a place for clubbies who actually want to collaborate in creating the story, and now that is actually happening.

The Lights Return — a work in progress by sylversaturn.

Naru's Girl — a work in progress by Usa Serenity (usa_serenity on Yahoo!;;

Sailor She-Hulk — A new story from sailor_iron_chef

December 15, 2000

This is stuff I've been editing on a 15-year-old computer before it conked out. I had to code it all by hand, so tell me about the mistakes.

Benicia and Pleione
This series of scenes are set after the Reverend first encounters Usagi-tachi.
The Reverend and Usagi
This is the first direct confrontation between Usagi and the Reverend Johnny Lee.
After Vera
These follow immediately on the death of Vera Yount.
The First of Sailor Earth
These scenes, which start out with a dream, are my first attempt at bringing out my long-threatened Sailor Earth. Quite obviously unfinished; I've written out more but haven't put it on computer yet.
Venus Libitina (11:11 AM 1/11/2002)
This may be the penultimate chapter in A Year and Change

The Rabbit Queen

First Contact(1/18/2002)
The first publicised meeting between the refugees from Kinmoku and people from Earth. Introduces Meiya, Kakyuu's consort—who plays a double game. Occurs in March of 2010.
The Rabbit Queen(1/18/2002)
A column by Jack Crawford begins this chapter; there will be more to it.
This takes place two months after the arrival of the refugee fleet.
After the Dance
Several scenes involving Makoto, Zoλ, and Juzo.

Up For Revision — The "published" chapters of Part Two of Book Four turned out not to be so finalized after all, thanks to silversaturn and usa_serenity.
Draft Work
Nuts and Bolts — A bunch of stuff other than actual fiction used to help construct the story.

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