Under Black Wings

A Sailor Moon fan fiction by Thomas Sewell (oldgringo2001@yahoo.com)

Chapter 14: The Wedding Party


Several people asked that question at once. After a moment, Sailor Mercury answered. "Las Vegas."

"I have never been to Reno," said Chibi Moon. "Come on, we need find a place to marry okasan and Mamo-chan." She flew off.

"Chibi-Usa!" shouted Usagi, but her daughter was already too far away.

Jay C. Niles had just stolen a Jaguar he was planning to sell for parts in Los Angeles after a pleasant drive home when he saw about two dozen people appear out of thin air. He pulled over, and began fumbling for his gun. One of them flew up to him on black wings, and had red-eyed skulls growing out of her head. She asked, "Where do you go to get married?"

Two more angels flew up to him. Instead of answering, he passed out.

Sailor Venus said, "You shouldn't have flown up to him like that. You scared him."

Chibi Moon said, "I don't think he was going to tell us, anyway. He stole this car. We'll have to find someone else."

"Maybe not," said Nancy, lifting a cellphone from Jay C.'s belt.

"Let's see what else he has," said Sailor Venus. "Look at this! Chibi-Usa, you could have been hurt! Don't fly off again!" Venus ejected the clip, tossed the gun in the air and cut it in half with a crescent beam, and then continued to rifle Jay C.'s clothing. "Here's something I think we can use." She handed a short prybar to Sailor Jupiter, who pushed it through the steering wheel of the car, brought up one of Jay C.'s wrists, and bent it into an impromptu manacle.

"Set me down. The shoulder looks pretty hard here," said Usagi to the Asteroid Senshi, who had carried her and her wheelchair across the soft ground they had landed in.

"No," said Mercury. "On the other side. The nearest wedding chapel is that way."

"Oh, of course," muttered ParaPara. "When I get married, I'm gonna have you guys carry me all through my honeymoon."

"Oh, shut up," said Besu.

"Hey, aren't you supposed to walk on the side facing traffic?," said Juno.

"But we are on that side," said Sere.

"If we were still in Japan," said Cooan. "You really should get out more."

"I'm calling a cab," said Nancy.

"No, don't," said Mercury. "I just ordered a limousine."

"How are you going to pay for it?" asked Nancy, pulling some money from her ample cleavage.

"With this," said Mercury, pulling a credit card from her more modest endowment. "I never leave home without it."

The limo driver did not think it was that odd to pick up two dozen or so people, mostly scantily-clad women, in the longest stretch in town. Las Vegas, Nevada was the one place on earth where that sight wouldn't elicit much comment; only minor speculation about whether they were showgirls, exotic dancers, or hookers. Even the wings didn't phase the limo driver: angels were still a popular variation on the showgirl look. And the Limo driver knew just about every wedding chapel in Las Vegas. Noticing that the bride was holding a bouquet of roses, he recommended the Rose Love Chapel from the list of chapels he took kickbacks from.

So, that is where Tsukino Usagi and Chiba Mamoru were finally married, just before a truck driver and a hooker looking to change her life, and just after two high-school sweethearts who would separate a week later. Everyone in the party got a copy of the wedding picture, which was so pleasing that the people who ran the place made an extra copy to put on permanent display.

The old harridan who was really in charge misted up as she watched the party leave. Show people, like she had been long ago, the bride obviously another showgirl who had been put on such hard times by her disability she had had to put her daughter to work. Probably her friends had blown most of their combined week's pay to hire the limo for this one magic moment. She hoped the bride kept some of the magic.

Makoto had caught the bouquet.

The LVPD found Jay C. Niles a few minutes before the wedding was over. They couldn't charge him with car theft, based on what they found, but they were able to take him into custody because of the delusional behavior he was showing. While he was in a locked ward, more evidence turned up, enough to justify revoking his parole. He was transferred to a California psychiatric prison until he wised up and shut up about the angels; then he got to go back into the regular prison system.

The limo driver wanted to steer his fares to a hotel, but they insisted on going to the airport. He was surprised when everyone got out and one of the showgirls paid with a company credit card. Since she wrote in a generous tip, he was able to contain his curiosity.

Once the limo driver was gone, the wedding party made their way to a parking garage and teleported back home as soon as no one was around.

Some hours after the wedding party reappeared in the main room of the mansion, while Mamoru and Usagi still slept their first married sleep, and while Ginger was having a quiet conversation about single motherhood with Minako and Makoto over morning tea, a doctor unwound the bandage around the eyes of Kevin Jones. Jones saw with his own eyes for the first time since the night he was found by a burning car by paramedics. And the first sight to greet his eyes were the faces of his mother and his brother Marvell. He reached out to them and saw what his hands had become--and at how little was left of them.

He began to cry. And in his mother's arms, he repeated, "I got one of them, Marvell. I know it. I got one."

"We'll get the other ones, Kev," said Marvell. "We be lookin'."

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